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Stevenage Athletic 1970-1

Jim Briscoe, Brian Boggis

SL1 = Southern League Division One
FAC = FA Cup
FAT = FA Trophy

1970-1 Stevenage Athletic results



Saturday 15 August
HSL1Guildford City1-1


Monday 17 August
HSL1Burton Albion1-1


Saturday 22 August
ASL1Canterbury City2-1


Saturday 29 August
HSL1Gravesend and Northfleet4-2


Saturday 05 September
ASL1Merthyr Tydfil1-3


Monday 07 September
HSL1Banbury United1-0


Saturday 12 September
ASL1Cheltenham Town3-4


Monday 14 September
ASL1Guildford City0-3


Saturday 19 September
HFAC1QWoodford Town3-1


Saturday 26 September
HSL1Trowbridge Town1-3


Saturday 03 October
HSL1Bexley United2-0


Saturday 10 October


Saturday 17 October


Monday 19 October
ASL1Burton Albion1-1


Saturday 24 October
HSL1Salisbury City0-1


Saturday 31 October
HFAT1QThetford Town2-1


Saturday 14 November
HFAT2QCambridge City0-3


Saturday 21 November
ASL1Trowbridge Town1-2


Saturday 28 November
HSL1Merthyr Tydfil1-1


Saturday 05 December
ASL1Crawley Town4-2


Saturday 12 December
ASL1Salisbury City0-3


Saturday 19 December
HSL1Canterbury City5-0


Saturday 09 January


Saturday 23 January
HSL1Barry Town2-0


Monday 01 February
ASL1Rugby Town0-9


Saturday 06 February
ASL1Gravesend and Northfleet2-4


Saturday 13 February
HSL1Cheltenham Town0-0


Saturday 20 February
ASL1Bexley United0-1


Monday 22 February
HSL1Rugby Town2-6


Saturday 27 February
ASL1Corby Town0-6


Saturday 13 March
ASL1Banbury United2-2


Saturday 27 March


Tuesday 30 March
ASL1Ramsgate Athletic1-2


Saturday 03 April
ASL1Hastings United1-2


Monday 05 April


Friday 09 April
ASL1Dunstable Town2-2


Saturday 10 April
HSL1Corby Town3-0


Monday 12 April
HSL1Dunstable Town0-1


Saturday 17 April
HSL1Crawley Town2-3


Saturday 24 April
ASL1Barry Town0-2


Monday 26 April
HSL1Hastings United2-0


Friday 30 April
HSL1Ramsgate Athletic1-4

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1970-1 Southern League Division 1 table

Guildford City
Merthyr Tydfil
Gravesend and Northfleet
5Burton Albion3819109563748
6Rugby Town3817147584048
7Ramsgate Athletic3820513835445
8Trowbridge Town3819712785545
9Bexley United38171110574545
10Crawley Town38151112846841
11Hastings United38131213515038
12Banbury United38131114585337
13Corby Town3814816576036
15Cheltenham Town3881515445831
16Stevenage Athletic3812719557931
18Barry Town389623358224
19Dunstable Town388426328120
20Canterbury City3854293710514