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Press and Media

BoroGuide press and media - pile of newspapers

Are you a media professional or member of the press?

Looking for a Stevenage FC perspective on life, the universe and football? We here at BoroGuide are always willing to oblige and we can already say that we've contributed to a number of leading newspaper and magazine titles - both national and regional – over the months and years, so we know what we're doing and welcome your approach with open arms.

Mind you, if we feel that we aren't the most appropriate spokesperson on a particular matter (no matter how much we love the sound of our own voice or sight of our thoughts in print), we will always try to point you in the right direction to someone better placed.

Among the people we have contributed to in the past:

Our editorial team have a background in journalism so we feel we can appreciate the requirements of any approach. Although we have full-time commitments, we are also respective any deadlines and appreciate the importance of delivering copy on time and of a high quality.

With BoroGuide, you can be absolutely sure that we will provide you with a top quality contribution that suits your needs. So, if you would like to get in touch with a media request, feel free to email us: